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Heather’s comment on this post was so good that I thought it needed some front page time of its own. This is why I love to hear your thoughts! Great stuff! Thank you, Heather!

I always focus on quality time with my four children rather than giving them things. We are a one-income family and my husband is a police-officer, therefore, outside of Birthdays and Christmas, which I save and budget for, we can’t afford a lot of extras. We enjoy playing and having a picnic at a local park (when it’s not this hot!), and playing at home together. Also, we take advantage of our local library. Every month they offer story times and craft classes, and best of all- it’s free. We always participate in the summer reading club. The prizes received for reading books allowed the children to have things like pizza night and free ice cream at Scarlet Scoop. My son also enjoys the free kids building workshops at Home depot and Lowes. My girls love to cook with me and I try to bake with them at least once week. With one income, you have to get creative if you are on a strict budget. However, I know that my children are a lot better off having my time and enjoying things together as a family. It’s much better than doing something highly priced and without family interaction.


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