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Frugal Food, Part 2


A few more ideas!
Don’t Waste Food

Give children (and yourself) small portions so that no food is left on the plate to be thrown away.

Eat leftovers until they are gone, even if it’s not particularly what you feel like that day. Don’t let them sit in the fridge till they become science experiments. (Speaking to myself here!!!!!!!)

Make Food Last

When I was still at home and we had to pinch pennies, my mom would buy, say, two bags of chips, and that would have to last until the next scheduled grocery day. She discouraged mindless munching and doled them out to make them last. Same with cookies and other groceries.

Use Less

Be satisfied with less meat or peanut butter on your sandwich, less meat in your soup, less cheese in a dish, less butter on your bread, or whatever.

Shop Infrequently, But Schedule Your Shopping Trips

My mom got groceries every two weeks. We almost never “ran to the store” in between. If we ran out of something, we made do and waited until the next grocery trip. We knew exactly when we would be going. I try to shop weekly. I have a friend who shops for staples and household items only every six months, and just buys produce, dairy, etc. in between!

Coming up in the Frugal series: clothes, decorating, and entertainment!

(Picture: The Kitchen by Carl Larsson)


2 thoughts on “Frugal Food, Part 2

  1. I am very blessed to have a husband that will work for both of us. Thankfully the Lord has blessed us with four beautiful children. To make the pennies last I came up with a food solution. I hit Sams onces every three months for paper goods and cereals(Hot and Cold) I’ll buy the same of meats (three months) at the meat sells. I plan a permanent menu. Every Monday we have beef (ex. chili,taco,meatloaf…)
    Tuesday we have Dry beans and rice (white,red,pinto…)
    Wed we have chicken (baked,grilled,Daved…)
    Thurs we have soup(homemade[broc,potatoe,taco,rat])
    Fri we have beef again (laz,burr,meatball spag)
    Sat and Sun are leftover or sandwhich.
    I tryed shopping every week and it drove me mad. I felt like I was always at the store. I go every two weeks. I know what it takes to make my meals, so when I go to the store I only buy the items that are needed. I also buy large amounts of fresh fruit and veggies, so I make my food budget fit. By the way did you know that one pound of sandwhich meat can run you 3-4 dollars? That same meat can be bought in bulk for 2-3 dollars. SAMS BABY! Every member of the family picked their fav food and it was worked in. The menu has meatless days to help the budget and waistline :> HE HE! It’s true too! Last thing, you know that if you are leaving the house at 10:45 AM to go shopping for food, you not only will buy unneeded items, but you will convince yourself that you don’t have the time to go home and cook lunch so you will eat out. NO NO NO eat before you leave or bring it with you in a lunch box. The kids will love it.

  2. I also take time to plan. I shop for groceries every Friday because it’s what works with our budget. I pick a time during the week to plan a menu. I also write in snacks so that I purchase the optimal amount. From my menu, I make a list and once in the store I stick to it. Planning my meals this way has made an enormous difference in our budget at home. I like Leah’s idea of planning certain types of dishes for certain days. She isn’t cooking the same thing all the time, but the rotation seems to allow for variety along with structure. I think that I will try to incorporate a similar method when planning my next menu.

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