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Growing up, my parents were wonderful examples to me in the area of money. My dad, an accountant, has always been conscientious. (He’d worked multiple full-time jobs to pay his own way through college while supporting a family, something my grandmother was endlessly proud of—and rightly so.) But when I was little, they decided to get on a budget and get out of debt completely, even though we were a one-income family. I vividly remember the day they paid off their mortgage, when I was about 8. That’s something most people only dream about, but they planned wisely and sacrificed to make it happen.

I’ve seen what a great thing a totally debt-free life has been for my parents. My mom tells how freeing it was to never have to wonder if that check was going to bounce. My parents are in their 60’s now, and for many years they have owned a home with barns, animals, and farm equipment on 75 acres, along with 2 vehicles, absolutely debt free—and on just one middle class income. They have a life most of us only dream about.

Living debt-free wasn’t just a gift to themselves, though. I can’t stress enough what an amazing thing it was for us, their children. Not only did they give us a wonderful example, but we had the joy of living with parents who weren’t stressed about money, who didn’t fight or have tension about money—in short, who were at peace with their finances.

I’m so excited that First Baptist Church is now offering the tools each of us needs to have financial freedom! Dave Harris is (for the second time) leading Financial Peace University, “a Biblically-based accountability curriculum that teaches you how to make the right decisions with your money.” The reports that came out of the last FPU class were absolutely awesome. Just over 20 families paid off around $82,000 in debt and saved $56,000 in only 13 weeks!!! FPU teaches you how you, too, can be debt free and save money so you can experience financial freedom.

Anyone (local, of course) can participate in Financial Peace University, whether or not you belong to First Baptist Church. Orientation is Sunday, August 3 at 11:00am or Wednesday, August 6 at 6:00pm. The classes begin Wednesday, August 20 at 6:00pm. For more information, call the church office. (Contact info here.)

Do it for yourself, or do it for the sake of your kids, but I know you’ll be glad you did.

2 thoughts on “Got Financial Freedom?

  1. I would definitely encourage everyone to go through this class. Trust this… it ranges from those with zero debt to those that are in over their heads in debt. All of it is completely confidential- absolutely no one knows what another persons’ financial situation is (unless you share it).

    Dave Ramsey shares so much information about money that I, honestly, chose to be ignorant about.

    I have to confess- Brent has always been good with money and I have always reluctantly gone along with his ways (he’s been through these classes before). I kind of gave him a hard time- to put it lightly. Ha! Ha! Maybe I am the free spirit that Dave Ramsey talks about? Anyway, since you never know what tomorrow may bring, I needed to know what to do in the event that something happened to Brent. I would not have a clue what to do with the money coming into our home. This class taught me what I needed to know. Now I am on board with staying debt free and saving. I hope everyone gets a chance to do this class.

  2. Thank you, Kelly! It’s great to hear from someone who’s actually done this. I’m looking forward to going through it myself.

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