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In the comments to this post, Kelly mentioned incorporating Bible stories into read-aloud time, and asked about kids’ devotionals.

Honestly, I’m not familiar with any great devotionals for preschoolers. Mine really love their Bible story books. Anybody else know of a good preschool devotional?

Elizabeth–who’s 7–has really enjoyed Jesus Wants All of Me, which is a kids’ version of the classic devotional My Utmost for His Highest. Another good one is John MacArthur’s A Faith to Grow On, which is excellent Biblical theology for kids.

We’ve also found high-quality videos to be of value. We especially enjoy the Nest Bible stories, which are true to scripture and respect the integrity of the text while still using a little artistic license. (I was not nearly as impressed with their 10 Commandments series, but that’s another story.) Our whole family loves what we call “The Happy Jesus Movies” which are word for word from the book of Matthew. It gives you such a wonderful idea of what Jesus must have really been like–strong, loving, and with a genuine sense of humor. These are the best Jesus movies I’ve ever seen.

Finally, I don’t think the importance of simply reading our children scripture can be underestimated. Some of my most vivid childhood memories center around the family meal table where Daddy read the Bible to us. Each evening after supper he unceremoniously took his Bible from the buffet and read the Proverbs chapter that corresponded with that day of the month. No preaching, discussion, or moralizing, just a simple and straightforward reading of God’s Word. Those verses are still stuck in my mind. “Go to the ant, thou sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise…”


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